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LMIS Full Governors (Until Dec 2019)

LMIS Full Governors  
Attendees 28th March 2019 27th November 2019
Mr S Barnes (Chair) ü ü
Mr B Bidwell ü ü
Mrs F Fish  ü ü
Mrs J Moss ü ü
Mr D F Smith ü ü
Mr P Walling  ü ü
Mr J Ward ü ü
Mrs H Watmough ü ü
Mrs K Melling  ü ü
Rev P Gough  Apologies Apologies
Miss J Hollings (Observer)   ü
Mrs N Rogerson (Observer) ü ü
Mrs G Donohoe (GBA Observer) ü ü
Cllr M Tomlinson (Observer) ü ü