Please be aware that the safest place for us all is at home.Stay safe everyone
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Welcome to The Honeycomb! 


Hi everyone! smiley Hopefully you are all safe and sound at home, enjoying time with your families.


I thought I'd put some links on here to the kind of things that you are used to doing in the honeycomb - programmes that you might like to watch and stories that you know - you could even do some activities around them...


We love Alphablocks and there are loads of episodes to choose from which will help you to remember your letter sounds. If you don't have a TV license or can't access the bbc website, access these episodes on YouTube instead.


Numberblocks are another favourite and again, with lots of episodes to choose from, this will really help you to practice your counting and number skills. Don't forget though - you could be practicing counting and simple addition and subtraction throughout the day:

  • count the cereal bowls/spoons/cups in the morning
  • count the stairs as you go up and down
  • count the teddies on your bed
  • count the tins in the can literally count anything!


The Gruffalo is a fabulous story that all the children in the honeycomb know well - I wonder if you could draw a picture of him or the forest that he lives in? Again, there are clips of lots of Julia Donaldson stories on YouTube if you can't access them on the bbc website.


There are a whole selection of traditional stories on YouTube - stories that the children know well. Again, see if you could draw the characters, you could even have a go at acting out your favourite story!


There are also lots of counting rhymes and songs on YouTube like this one - getting little ones up and active while practicing maths at the same time.


There are also lots more activities to have a go at on the Home Learning Page - look through the Reception and Year 1 pages as well as the Key Stage 1 section to find all sorts of videos (including story-time with Mr Grimes)  and practical activities like cooking, drawing, painting, measuring, making superheros...the list goes on! Finally, there will be other resources and things to do via SeeSaw, so please keep checking on there too. 


Take care of yourselves everyone - we are all really missing you!


Mrs Piggin, Mrs Walker, Mrs Watmough and Miss R 




"P.E with Joe" | Daily LIVE workouts for kids | The Body Coach

Starting Monday 23rd March Joe Wicks going to be hosting a free workout aimed at kids LIVE on YouTube.
He will be doing a workout every weekday at 9am - which can be viewed at any time.

Learn Beginners British Sign Language (BSL) - Lesson One.

Learn British Sign Language with Natasha Lamb. Here's one of her videos to start you off.