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Meet the Staff

smiley Meet the staff at our school smiley


Headteacher                                      Mrs. H. J. Orry
Deputy Headteacher                          Mrs. N. Rogerson

Class 1 teacher                                   Mrs. H. Bamber
Class 2 teacher                                  Mrs. S. Kirkpatrick
Class 3 teacher                                  Mrs. K.Turner
Class 4 teacher                                  Mrs. A.Bentley
Class 5 teacher                                  Mrs. S. Whittaker

Class 6 teacher                                  Miss. J. Hesford
Class 7 teacher                                  Miss. E. Matthew
Class 8 teacher                                  Mrs. L. Gaughan


Teaching Support Assistants

Mrs L Ashworth, Mrs H Bond, Mrs J Dempsey, Mrs G Dobson, Mrs K Hutton, Mrs C Lloyd,

Mrs C Taylor, Mrs S Walker, Mrs H Watmough,


Secretary Mrs J Courtliff

Admin Assistant Mrs K Geldard

ICT Technician Mrs P Rainford


Cleaners Mrs A Parker, Mrs P Sumners

Catering Manager Mrs K Davies