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Maths Skills

Here are some key skills that you can help your children with at home:


  • Recognising digits 0 - 5, then to 10, then to 20 and beyond
  • Forming these numbers correctly
  • Counting objects accurately up to 3, then 6, then 10 or more, eventually being able to look at a smaller group and being able to say there are "3" without having to count them
  • Knowing which number is more or less when shown 2 numbers
  • Being able to say what is 1 more or 1 less than a number upto 5, then 10 and beyond
  • Find how many objects there are altogether by putting 2 sets together and counting them all, moving onto knowing ther are "5" in the first set and counting on from there
  • Understand that objects can be taken away from a set and there are less in the set - use a variety of language such as subtract, minus, take away, less than, fewer, difference
  • Talk about number problems and how they can be solved, eg. I need 5 spoons on the table and I only have 3, how many more do I need?/who has more, you or I?/how many more?
  • Talk about shapes that you see around your house or in the wider environment - 2D and 3D